Instant Support

Just connect with us via toll-free call . Remote computer support involves a remote desktop connection, which lets us view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network errors over the Internet.Get great Service at the best Prices- The advantage of choosing a Leader !

Onboarding Services

End-user satisfaction starts with the out-of-box experience and NewYork Computer Repair Inc.onboarding services make sure that their first moments with your technology are terrific ones. We have a variety of services for new customers like Install and set-up services,Network services setup.

Problem Resolution

At NewYork Computer Repair Inc. we pride ourselves on solving customer issues quickly and on the first try, regardless of how complex they are. Our experts can minimize these threats by optimizing your security software and removing viruses and spyware.


Our Services


Over time, old files build up on your hard drive and all the adding and removing of software leaves behind quite a mess. All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computers. Our experts speed up your computer by removing junk files, fixing Registry errors, defragmenting the hard disk, etc.

Diagnosis & Repair

Comprehensive diagnostic and repair services for your computers and connected devices such as printers, routers, MP3 players.Our experts will diagnose and troubleshoot errors on your PCs or servers to ensure smooth performance.

Setup, Install & Virus Repair

Incorrect installation can cause damage to your computer. Our experts assist you and ensure a smooth setup and installation experience. Our experts can minimize these threats by optimizing your security software and removing viruses and spyware.


About Us

About Us

NewYork Computer Repair Inc. is providing support to consumers & small businesses. With a growing global footprint, NewYork Computer Repair Inc. services are available in the United States. It supports to millions of customers globally and its services are available on demand.

Our Vision

Life is better when technology does what it’s supposed to do. We want to make that happen for everyone by enabling dramatically better support for a connected world. NewYork Computer Repair Inc. is independent therefore it offers operating scale,financial strength and stability, and the kind of vision and innovation that leading brands require.We believes in customer satisfaction therfore we providing better services to our customers.

Expert Services

We provide expert services with our scalable workforce of technology specialists and leadership in program design and execution.Skilled and trained technology specialists are the backbone of our programs. They use our proprietary, highly-sophisticated cloud-based software to deliver brande service experiences that earn industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.


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Address:  405 Tarrytown Rd #1210, White Plains, NY 10607, USA

Toll Free No: 1-914-434-1911, 1-877-778-8342